Local Aerial Fitter from Stoke on Trent Saves the Day


When it comes to the big day there is always a potential for something to go wrong. From the wedding cars breaking down, the best man forgetting the rings, through to any number of unforeseeable problems. However, getting no signal on the TV seems to be one of the least likely of problems to spoil anybody’s big day. Unless that is most of the guests staying at the hotel where the wedding venue is, loses all signal to the TV’s within the whole of the hotel, from bar to bedroom. This is then amplified by the fact that the local football team Stoke is playing a big match against Liverpool the following morning at a noon kick off.

This all took place during the evening of the wedding day, that being a Saturday, and with the majority, if not all of the local aerial fitters being closed and not open on a Sunday, it looked like a complete disaster for the hotel. That is until it can to the attention of one of the wedding guests who was as it happened the owner of TV Aerials Stoke, a local firm of Aerial Fitters. Since many of the guests that were at the wedding were friends of him, he thought he would do the hotel a favor and call around early on Sunday morning to rescue the situation if at all possible.

Come Sunday morning, true to his word, Dave from TV Aerials Stoke, came around to the hotel to carry out the aerial installation and had a look at the system. Apparently, the reason why the whole system had lost signal was because the satellite dish had been damaged. Unfortunately, because the dish is a 80 cm dish designed for a multi-switch system, dave wasn’t able to replace that dish like for like, since it is a pretty special order and not standard, like a sky dish. With the kick-off looming, the manager was looking more and more desperate. Luckily for him, Dave is a pretty resourceful guy and managed to set up a new sky dish and ran some temporary cable straight to the sky box which was feeding the Tv’s in the bars and lounge areas, typically where everyone who’s going to be watching the match will be. As for the TV’s in the bedrooms, they would have to wait until a new 80cm dish specific to the multi-switch system. Thanks to TV Aerials Stoke, the hotel manager was able to show the full game and keep his guests happy.